Random Acts of Kindness

Calling all Engineering Staff!

Kindness brings joy, encouragement and hope into others lives and the winter months are an ideal time to spread some extra happiness to those around us. To facilitate this, for the 4th year running, we are inviting staff from the Faculty of Engineering to take part in the Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) movement.

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What is this all about?

Juice promotes Five Ways to Wellbeing and Random Acts of Kindness promotes the two key elements of Giving and Connecting. Both of these improve our wellbeing by strengthening social connections, increasing our own happiness and reducing stress levels. The neurobiological study of altruism has uncovered that the positive feelings associated with giving and also witnessing acts of kindness are linked with the release of the feel good hormone oxytocin. This is no surprise as we've all experienced the warm fuzzy feeling you get from making someone else feel good or happy.

Here's what people had to say about last year's RAOK:

"Just wanted to say thanks very much for organising the RAOK. I’ve love it and it’s has brightened up my January. Thank you to the person who has sent me such lovely surprises throughout January."

" I have absolutely loved doing (& receiving!) the random acts of kindness – such a lovely idea!"

"I really enjoyed having to think of doing something nice in the gloomy days of January"

"I have enjoyed it again this year. It’s a nice distraction from things both in receiving an act of kindness and thinking about what to give"

"The generosity, thought and time that my peep has gone to has truly been lovely and raised my spirits during a challenging January – THANK YOU whoever you are"

How does it work?

  • Each person taking part will be both a recipient and giver of random acts of kindness
  • Each person will be asked to complete a form to find out about things they like/hobbies etc.
  • Everyone will be given the name/location of their kindness buddy (just like Secret Santa) along with the completed form for inspiration
  • Between 13th - 31st January 2020 we suggest delivering up to 3 acts of kindness to your allocated colleague
  • You can chose to remain an anonymous giver if you wish

ROAK ideas:

Here are some suggestions to inspire you -

  • Deliver some positive words - this could be a small positive note of encouragement, a home-made card or something to make them laugh (don't forget you can always use the internal mail system)
  • Send an email with a video, picture or story you know your buddy will appreciate
  • Leave a practical treat on their desk - a new pen, a new set of post-its or a desk accessory you've noticed they're missing
  • Bring them a surprise cup of coffee/tea for an afternoon pick me up
  • Leave an edible treat on their desk (especially nice on a Monday morning or on a day you know they are going to be busy) - a piece of fruit, a cookie or some nuts and raisins
  • Get creative - is there anything you like to make? Whether it's a cake, you're a fab photographer, or you love to knit - receiving something home-made is extra special
  • Perk up their desk - could your colleague's desk environment be improved? Maybe giving their desk a quick clean (being mindful of their personal belongings) ready for their arrival at work the next day can make things feel lighter
  • Add something new to their desk - this month's Action for Happiness Calendar or a photo of their favourite animal, actor/actress or a motivational quote
  • Has your buddy got a cold? A box of tissues for their desk, some honey, a couple of lemons, or maybe even just a print out of cold remedies could help them out

If you would like to take part, please complete the RAOK form and we will be in touch.

Closing date for sign up: Monday 6th January